Isbad tunna med Kylsystem - Swedish Cold Station

9 999 kr

Are you struggling with pain? Long term stress? Excess inflammation? Slow metabolism? Or fatigue?

Get pain relief, decrease stress, increase your metabolism and lower inflammation. The potential health benefits of using Ice baths daily are endless and people use it for a variety of reasons.

Get the Health benefits of daily Ice bath

  • .250 % increase in Dopamine. Better focus and mood. 
  • Increased calorie burning and metabolism, as a response to the cold.
  • Decreased levels of inflammation in the body

Swedish Cold Station is designed for the best possible Ice bath recovery every day. No extra Ice needed. And barely no time to set it up - Just start the Cold Station a few hours before your Cold plunge. The Swedish Cold Station™ offers a spacious, easy-to-use solution that maximizes the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.


Innehåll i Swedish Cold Station

1 x Swedish Cold Station™ Badkar (145 x 65 x 67 cm)
1 x Swedish Cold Station™ Isolerat Lock
1 x Bärväska
1 x Användarmanual

1 x Vattenkylning och Rengöringsmaskin (35 kg)
1 x Avtagbart Filter
1 App-styrning för kylning av vatten
2 x dräneringsrör

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