What is your best-selling automatic cooling system?
Generation 5 is currently receiving a lot of interest from facilities and associations that need ice baths. Subsequently, the Swedish Cold Plunge and Swedish Cold Station are very popular ice baths for home use with automatic cooling systems. How robust is the Swedish Cold Station?
The Swedish Cold Station offers various products, all of which are very durable and robust. For example, our recovery stations use materials similar to those used in inflatable stand-up paddleboards and boats, offering a solid and reliable structure. Our larger, stationary models are even more robust, ensuring long-lasting durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Do you deliver internationally? Yes, we deliver across the whole world. Is there customer support? Yes, we offer customer support with a dedicated team available via email. You can always send a service request via email, ensuring effective responses to your inquiries.
How much do the different Swedish Cold products weigh?
The weight varies depending on the model. Our simplest model, the Mini Recovery, weighs 3kg. The Swedish Cold Station bath weighs 10kg, and the cooling system approximately 35kg. The stationary models weigh around 300kg. How much power does it consume? The ice bath has a maximum power output of 2900W. It's used at full capacity until the water reaches the desired temperature, leading to a low power consumption of about 5-10kWh per day. How is the water kept clean? The water in the Swedish Cold Station is maintained through an efficient built-in filtration system. This modern system is highly effective at disinfecting and keeping the water clean, operating automatically for consistent water quality.
Is there a warranty if the cooling system or tub breaks?
Yes, the Swedish Cold Station comes with a generous 1-year warranty, covering both the system and the tub. This warranty includes coverage for defects in materials and workmanship, providing customers with peace of mind. How cold can it get? Our system can cool the water down to 3°C, ideal for effective cold therapy sessions. What benefits can you get from the cold? Visit "studies" for detailed information on the health benefits of using our products.
Additional FAQs:
Can I place the Swedish Cold Station outdoors?
Yes, the Swedish Cold Station is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It's durable and can withstand various environmental conditions. Placing it under shelter can extend its lifespan and efficiency.
How does the Swedish Cold Station compare to the competition?
The Swedish Cold Station stands out for its robust construction, efficient cooling system, and reliable performance, making it a top choice in its category.
How loud is it? The Swedish Cold machines operate "reasonably loud," providing a suitably calm environment.
Can it be customized? We offer limited customization options, mainly allowing for the addition of logos to personalize your unit. For more information and support, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.